​My name is Corey Simonson. I have worked in the commercial laundry industry for fifteen years and have many close relationships with both manufacturers and

distributors in the U.S. and Canada.

One common theme amongst too many distributors is the challenge of finding motivated young people looking to commit to an opportunity where they could build a career. Many well paying jobs go unfilled. Then one weekend while visiting my daughter at the University of Kansas, I had a chance meeting with Command Master Sargent, U S Army Retired, Jess Patterson who was himself preparing to retire and facing the challenge of finding a new career befitting of his many skills and life experiences. This website  was born from that first of many conversations with Jess. 

 Let me emphasize that there is no cost associated with this website for either the veteran or the distributor.

There is no advertising present because it isn't our intent to benefit financially from what we believe ia a problem. Men and women who serve our country should be sought for their many strengths and the first hired, not welcomed home to minimum wage jobs. This website exists for one reason, we believe it is the right thing to do.